Q2 2021 Year-Over-Year Revenue and Employment Growth Rates Soar; But Recovery Is Not Universal

Overall, the U.S. middle market has returned to strong year-over-year growth following 12 months of stagnant or declining revenue and employment growth rates, indicating that recovery from the pandemic is well underway across all industry segments. Economic confidence has risen above pre-pandemic levels and expansionary activity has resumed for some businesses. Yet, a third of companies have yet to fully join in the recovery with approximately one out of five businesses continuing to report decreases in revenue and employment. Investment appetites remain conservative as well. Looking forward, future growth projections are strong and many business leaders who are currently inclined to hold cash indicate that they would do so with specific future investments in mind.

Year-End 2021 Middle Market Indicator Webinar

Watch the webinar replay to hear NCMM Managing Director, Doug Farren, talk about the findings and share the Center's perspective on the findings from the year-end 2021 MMI.


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2Q 2021