Work with the Center

Become a Middle Market Advocate 

Whether you operate a middle market business, run an organization that serves middle market companies or are otherwise invested in the middle market’s success, the National Center for the Middle Market welcomes and values your contributions. The center offers several ways for organizations to partner with us. Learn more below about the ways you can work with the center and play a vital role in advancing the middle market’s prosperity. 

Sponsor the National Center for the Middle Market

What is Sponsorship?

The National Center for the Middle Market is funded through corporate sponsorships from companies across the country. Our sponsors work with the center to guide research and shape our annual agenda. While advancing the mission of the center, these sponsors cement and promote their position as leaders in the middle market economy. Sponsorship can range from a multi-year partnership to a single research project. Our current sponsors are Chubb and Visa.

Sponsor Advantages

Sponsorship provides access to the center’s data, knowledge base and expertise about middle market companies. Past sponsors include GE Capital, SunTrust Bank (now Truist), Grant Thornton and Cisco. See how one of our current sponsors, Chubb, has utilized the relationship with the center to internally educate their teams, and more importantly, serve their clients in a more effective way.

Join the Center’s Growing Membership

What is Membership? 

Annual, renewable membership in the National Center for the Middle Market gives organizations exclusive access to the center’s research findings, experts and outreach opportunities. Members have unique opportunities to play a hands-on role in the center’s work. They actively contribute to initiatives that drive new knowledge and insights that support the middle market’s continued growth.

Member Advantages

Members enjoy exclusive access to the center’s rich research data along with enhanced connections with the center’s diverse constituents. Members also receive direct support from center leadership including an annual engagement with hands-on participation in a company event.