Accelerating Growth and Business Performance in Middle Market Companies

The analytics industry in the United States has grown to employ roughly three million people and the total market for analytics-related hardware, software, and services is around $189.1 billion. Many companies have learned to use analytics as a strategic weapon, wielding the insights gained to innovate offerings, improve processes, and “outsmart” their competitors. As business analytics increasingly becomes a “must have” for organizations that wish to remain competitive and make more informed decisions across all areas of the business, these numbers will continue to escalate.

This report represents one of the first outcomes of the Center’s ongoing and comprehensive exploration of digital transformation in the middle market. It illustrates how analytics is an essential capability within the Digital Transformation Framework presented in The Case for Digital Transformation. As this report demonstrates, analytics has implications for every element of the framework and can help inform decisions at the enterprise level as well as within each of the functional areas of the business.

To better understand the analytics landscape in the middle market, the National Center for the Middle Market asked 1,000 middle market CEOs, CFOs, and other C-suite executives about the importance of analytics to their business and the analytics capabilities and tools they deploy. We asked about the kinds of business questions they answer with analytics solutions and explored the challenges associated with adopting and using the technologies

This report shares the results and explores the characteristics of strategic analytics users as well as the impact of analytics on growth and business performance.

For all of the report findings, download the The Power of Business Analytics report.


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