Strategic Use of Digital Technology Paves the Way to Growth and Opportunity in the Middle Market

Digital transformation matters, especially for companies in the middle market. These businesses are positioned between the bulky power of corporate giants and the disruptive nimbleness of start-ups. Digital transformation offers ways for them to compete, win, and thrive. For some, it may also be necessary to survive.

Data gathered by the National Center for the Middle Market has amply documented the case for digital transformation. That research includes studies of best practices in the management of sales forces and supply chains; research about customer experience, workforce development, risk management, cybersecurity, and culture; and examinations of obstacles and success factors in manufacturing and retail.

This analysis pulls data and insights from those studies as well as previously unpublished data to create a coherent picture of the importance of digital transformation for middle market companies and to present a framework that executives can use to advance digital initiatives in their businesses.


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