Our lives and businesses are more digitized and online than ever before and there seems to be no signs it will slow down anytime soon. Being responsive and adaptive to technological advances can be a challenge in the Middle Market. Your resources and budget for implementing, updating and adapting technology are likely stretched thin and you may not be up to date on innovations. While technology might seem like a necessary evil, for your Middle Market organization to grow and flourish, you’ll need to embrace, not just endure it. To help keep you on top of everything, here are some of our favorite articles about technology.

Are You Under Cyber-Attack?
With advances in technology, obviously comes advances in ways people will exploit it. Your Middle Market organization may seem like an unlikely target but cyber criminals often take a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach. Most companies have no clue they have been targeted until it is far too late. Do you know if you are actually under cyber-attack?

Are You Struggling To Digitize Your Organization?
Moving from paper records and processes to completely digital seems like a fantastic goal, but it can be frustrating and time and finance consuming. While you likely know your Middle Market firm could benefit from digitization, you may find it harder than you anticipated. You are certainly not alone and there are definitely steps you can take to make it easier. Are you struggling to digitize?

Monitoring Employee Internet Activity And How To Use It To Your Advantage
If your employees are on the internet – either at work or outside of it – there are both benefits and potential pitfalls for your Middle Market organization. Knowing how to monitor and protect yourself are important parts of your internet strategy. However, there are also some great benefits that you may be missing out on. Monitoring your employee internet activity is important and here is also how you could be benefiting.

Do You Need To Refresh Your Digital Footprint This Year?
Creating, refining and implementing your online presence is no small feat and one most organizations hope to “set and forget.” However, your Middle Market firm may be missing some fantastic opportunities by not at least considering if it is time to update. You may not need an entire overhaul, but it could be time for a little upkeep. Do you need to refresh your digital footprint?

Think You Don’t Need A Social Media Policy? Think Again!
Even if your Middle Market company wants nothing to do with Social Media, you cannot ignore it or think it will not impact you. Millions of people are online every day and even if you aren’t, someone is likely talking about your organization, somewhere. By not having a policy, you leave yourself open for any number of issues. If you think Social Media rules don’t apply to your Middle Market company, think again!