Strategy and strategic planning have become bigger buzzwords in recent years, but are not new concepts. Middle Market companies have many opportunities to improve their strategies and strategic thinking as their size, revenues and customer bases grow. Being strategic is vital to improve performance, grow your customer list, decrease costs, find and keep great employees and make your bottom line better. Here are a few of our favorite articles about being more strategic.

How Do You Market Research
Market research is a key part of strategic growth. Knowing what is going on with your customers and competitors is a driving factor in how your Middle Market organization makes decisions. Whether you have a department devoted to it or you outsource, somehow you have to be doing it. How do you market research?

How To Respond To Disruptors In Your Industry
Disruptors exist in every channel, vertical and niche in business. Your Middle Market organization is either being disrupted or is a disruptor, and that changes throughout an organization's lifecycle. When you encounter someone doing something revolutionary, how will you respond and can you choose your response? How will you respond to the disruptors in your industry?

What A Board Of Advisors Brings To Your Middle Market Firm’s Table
Most people are familiar with a board of directors, but a board of advisors can be just as powerful a tool for your Middle Market company. Advisory boards can help tackle a selective task or problem or can help innovate or reinvent entire avenues of an organization. Do you know what a board of advisors could bring to your Middle Market firm’s table?

Why Your Family-Owned Company Needs To Think Like A Corporation

Family-owned Middle Market companies face many the same challenges and opportunities as their corporate run counterparts. However, they also have additional considerations in place that can present their own hurdles. It’s important to remember there are some good lessons corporate life could teach your firm. Your family-owned company may need to think a little more like a corporation.

Need To See Improvement? Reward Innovation Like You Do Results!
Our society is very results driven and has been since the beginning of time – it often was a matter of life or death. However, if your Middle Market company is stuck rewarding only the end result, you may be missing some great opportunities. Rewarding the process rather than the completion can bring about some very interesting things. Maybe to see improvement you should reward innovation like you do results.