Leading in the middle market can be exhilarating and exhausting. You’ve grown into a larger size organization and your teams have likely expanded, all of which is exciting, but you may not have the resources of your larger competitors or the fun atmosphere and innovative perks of some startups. Finding, hiring and keeping stellar employees can be a challenge. You likely need to focus on strategic planning and figuring out exactly where and how your middle market firm is going to grow in the future, so we’ve rounded up several of our favorite articles about leadership and planning to help!

Are You Shaping A Legacy?
When your life and business overlap at almost every turn it can be very hard to keep anything separate. In middle market companies, which are family owned and run, everything can bleed together easily. It can be difficult to think strategically about who will take over the business and how the organization will be managed when you are ready to step back. Are you shaping a legacy?

Your Middle Market Firm Needs Leaders AND Managers
Leadership and management are two sides of the same coin, but they are often thought of as being identical. In the middle market, it can get further complicated when you need people to wear multiple hats. Both groups bring a lot to the table, but it is important to know the distinct differences, find and hire the right people for each role, and make sure you nurture their natural tendencies. Why does your middle market firm needs leaders AND managers

Turning Adversity On Its Head – How To Learn From Tough Times
Nothing in life is always smooth sailing – growth comes from a few painful bumps in the road. As your company has grown into the middle market, you’ve surely had your share of issues you’ve overcome. The important thing to remember is that adversity isn’t just a great way to test your resilience, it is a great teacher – if you let it be. If you can turn adversity on its head, you can learn some fantastic lessons from tough times.

What Do You Need To Know About Gender And Views Of Achievement In The Middle Market?
Men and women face many things in life with different approaches, including their careers. In your company, have you focused on how they look at achievement and success? While both desire success, what they perceive as being successful is quite different. Knowing what, how, and why could make a huge difference in your abilities to attract, hire, and keep fantastic employees of both genders. What do you need to know about gender and views of achievement in the middle market?

How To Ensure Your Employees’ Career Paths Lead Up, Not Out!
Finding, interviewing, hiring, and training employees is a big financial and resource investment for your organization. To make sure you get ROI, you need to ensure you retain and promote your great employees. However, many times career paths aren’t actually working toward that goal. Here’s how you can ensure your employees’ career paths lead up, not out.