Working Capital Benchmarking Tool

Benchmark your company's working capital management against your peers. As part of the Center's flagship report "Working Capital Management: How Much Cash Is Your Business Tying Up?", this tool was created to provide middle market companies with a benchmark of their working capital management in terms of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory. Peer averages are calculated based on data from firms of similar industry and revenue size.

Note: All personal information collected for the use of this tool will be kept confidential and not utilized publicly to affect future results.

To benchmark yourself against our data, fill out the following metrics.

Tell Us About Your Company

Value must be between $10M and $1B; i.e. 15 for $15M. Enter 1000 for $1B.

Value must be a percentage without the sign (e.g. 25 for 25%)

Accounts Receivable

Money owed to your company from customers for goods or services purchased. Enter the average number of days your company takes to receive payment.

Accounts Payable

Money your company owes to another company for goods or services received. Enter the average number of days your company takes to pay.


Money spent for raw materials, components, work in progress or finished goods that have not yet sold. Enter the average number of days of inventory your company has on hand.