This self-directed, online learning module will you give you an overview of the importance of the U.S. middle market, which is vital to our U.S. economy. You will also get a deeper look into the National Center for the Middle Market and our strategic partnership with Chubb, a global provider of insurance products.

This learning includes the following five sections:

  • Introduction & Objectives—A short introduction to the intention of the Center's learning module series and an overview of the module objectives (1 minute).
  • What is the U.S. Middle Market?—An overview of the U.S. middle market, including its impact and importance (3 minutes).
  • About the National Center for the Middle Market—An overview of the National Center for the Middle Market including its history, contributions, and resources (6 minutes).
  • Chubb and the Center—A Natural Fit—An overview of Chubb and how they leverage the Center to support the middle market (7 minutes).
  • Module Recap—An overview of the information covered throughout the learning module (1 minute).

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