Best practices in middle market sales force structure, hiring and training strategies, compensation models, and technology deployment

Sales is a critical factor in the success of a middle market organization. As such, middle market companies looking to drive revenue growth must develop successful sales cultures. Executives can build a solid framework for sales success by understanding how the best performing middle market businesses structure their sales teams; their preferred methods for hiring, developing, and compensating the sales staff; and the technologies they leverage to facilitate sales. Middle market executives can use these insights to improve sales force effectiveness within their own organizations and ultimately enhance overall company performance.

To better understand effective sales forces in the middle market, The National Center for the Middle Market, in partnership with the American Marketing Association (AMA), surveyed 400 C-suite level middle market executives with sole or shared responsibility for their organizations' business-to-business selling efforts to identify best practices in middle market:

  • Sales force structure

  • Hiring and training strategies

  • Compensation models

  • And technology deployment

To learn about sales force best practices in the middle market, download The Force is With You.

Also see the Best Practices of Effective Middle Market Sales Forces Infographic >>


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