What makes a middle market company the “perfect link"?


Middle market companies that manufacture or assemble goods or materials often sell them to companies that either carry out additional manufacturing or assembly processes, or that sell them directly to consumers. By gaining a better understanding of supply chain dynamics from the perspective of a middle market firm, the National Center for the Middle Market and its research partners set out to understand what makes a middle market company the “perfect link.”

By emulating the best practices of the most successful middle market supply chain firms, other middle market manufacturers and distributors can find ways to more effectively manage their supply relationships and risk and ultimately fuel their own growth.

The National Center for the Middle Market surveyed 400 C-suite middle market leaders from companies that serve as supply links to other organizations that either sell direct to consumers or that perform additional manufacturing and assembly processes. The survey was designed to:

  • Identify supply chain management practices and attitudes

  • Understand the dynamics of both customer and supplier relationships

  • Learn how middle market suppliers approach supply chain risk.

  • And pinpoint key differences in how the best-performing, fastest-growing suppliers operate in each of these key areas as compared to their slower-growing peers.

To learn more, read the key findings of the survey and view the full details of the research.

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