How to Thrive in a Transforming Environment


Manufacturers represent approximately 17% of middle market companies compared to about 12% of the economy as a whole. Clearly, manufacturing is key to the success of the middle market, which in turn, drives the overall U.S. economy. While middle market manufacturing is growing and the business climate has markedly improved, these businesses currently face a unique set of challenges to the way they operate.

This report serves to:

  • Better understand the environmental conditions, challenges, and opportunities middle market manufacturers currently face.

  • Uncover what actions the best-performing middle market manufacturers are taking to mitigate new risks and capitalize on new opportunities resulting from the evolution in the industry.

  • Present key findings and best practices manufacturers can use to navigate the shifting components of the environment and identify strategies for continued growth and success.

The National Center for the Middle Market worked with experts from Chubb as well as its sponsors, SunTrust Banks, Grant Thornton, and Cisco Systems, and faculty advisors from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, to review research and data and understand the broad challenges middle market manufacturers face. Strategic and financial decision makers from middle market manufacturing companies were also surveyed as part of the report findings.

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