The Middle Market is a key driving force behind the U.S. economy proving to be a sustainable source for jobs and revenue

Virtually ignored by the media, one of the most important drivers of America’s economy flies largely under the radar. It accounts for a third of private sector GDP and jobs, and has been growing even over the past four difficult years, yet it gets little attention from policy makers or the public. This overlooked, perhaps surprising, force in U.S. business? The Middle Market segment.

Between the small and the large lies the Middle Market, with an influence on the national economy just as large — and just as significant — as the other two segments. Indeed, its impact is staggering. If the Middle Market were a country, its GDP would rank it as the fourth-largest economy in the world, just behind Japan’s.

In this report uncovers a comprehensive, insight-driven research initiative to sharply define the U.S. middle market, understand its operational capabilities and performance, and understand its needs with the hope that it will serve as a foundation leading to identifying ways to help this sector grow and develop, as well as help restore economic prosperity to the United States.


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