Best practices to facilitate more successful M&A deals in the future.


Over an extended period of time, a majority of middle market companies will find themselves negotiating a transaction. In some cases, it will be a turning point in a company’s life. In other cases, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a critical part of a company’s growth strategy; buyers’ executives expect to realize 26% of their total growth from these transactions.

Clearly, inorganic growth is important, and companies need to get deals and deal-making strategy right. Yet, most executives in the middle market lack significant experience at the deal table, which opens the door to unexpected challenges that can impede the success of acquisitions and sales. By better understanding the obstacles middle market companies face and by leveraging their learnings, executives can better plan for future transactions, and the professionals who advise them can better tailor their services and support. When buyers and sellers come to the table prepared for the close itself as well as the post-deal integration process, all parties stand to gain more by quickly realizing the full potential value of the acquisition or sale.

The National Center for the Middle Market surveyed middle market companies that either completed an acquisition or sale in the past three years or that are highly likely to sell a company or part of a company in the next three years to:

  • Understand attitudes and perceptions related to M&A
  • Evaluate the importance of acquisitions and sales to middle market companies
  • Identify drivers of M&A activity in the middle market
  • Gain insight into the obstacles and challenges involved in deal-making pre-, during, and post-transaction.

In addition, the Center drew on more than five years of data from its Middle Market Indicator surveys of 1,000 executives. The learnings and takeaways are intended to inform both middle market executives and their external advisors and consultants in order to facilitate more successful deals in the future.

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