Middle market companies evaluate the quality and impact of the government services they receive

The middle market accounts for a third of private GDP and employment, and is the fastest growing segment of the economy. But it can occupy a no-man’s-land in terms of political discourse, government services, and rulemaking: too big to qualify for special services or to be exempt from regulations, and too large to field government-affairs teams at seats of government. The National Center for the Middle Market therefore took an election-year opportunity to ask executives from the critical middle market segment to evaluate the quality and impact of the government services they receive.

The survey asked middle market executives a series of questions, such as their satisfaction with government service, the value they receive for taxes and fees paid, the manageability of their regulatory burden, and their preference between lowering taxes or making them less complex.

To learn more, download the full report: Middle Market Perspectives on Government Services

You can also see how perspectives across the four U.S. regions and in key middle market states and industries compare to the perspectives of the U.S middle market has a whole.


+ Northeast
+ Midwest
+ South
+ West


+ California
+ Florida
+ Illinois
+ New York
+ Ohio
+ Texas


+ Construction
+ Financial Services
+ Healthcare
+ Manufacturing
+ Professional Services
+ Retail Trade
+ Wholesale Trade


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