How Middle Market Companies Are Integrating Digital Tools into Customer Touchpoints


Experts agree that a superior customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must have. And in a world where technology plays an increasingly starring role in all touchpoints along the customer journey, digitally-savvy companies have a competitive edge. Yet, many businesses struggle to find ways to meaningfully connect with their customers on digital platforms. Middle market firms, in particular, face challenges when it comes to integrating digital solutions into the customer experience.

Those who have figured it out are capitalizing on the advantages it affords in more ways than one. Strategic use of digital assets in managing the customer experience is positively impacting all areas of their businesses, from customer service, to productivity, to performance visibility. And these firms post some of the highest year-over-year revenue and growth rates in the middle market. Understanding how these firms integrate customer experience digitization in their businesses, and the advanced tools they are using to transform how customers experience their brands, can help the middle market as a whole do a better job of transforming the customer experience and, thus, a better job of competing with larger firms for customers and market share.

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