Chicagoland’s middle market businesses report steady revenue growth and increases in employment.

The Chicago-area middle market is composed of more than 6,400 companies that employ nearly 1.9 million people and generate $373 billion in annual revenues. In 2019, while middle market businesses in other parts of the Midwest and across the nation saw revenue and employment growth rates slow after a robust 2018, Chicagoland’s middle market held its ground and even grew the rate of employment growth.

Looking ahead, middle market businesses in the city say they will continue to create new jobs at the same rate they predicted a year ago. Additionally, a larger proportion of middle market firms say they would invest extra dollars in talent compared to the percentage that said the same in 2019. However, Chicago-area middle market executives are less confident in economic conditions than they were in 2018, and even before figuring in the impact of COVID-19, they see revenue growth rates easing back in 2020.

Download the full report to learn about the performance of Chicago-area middle market companies in 2019 and their outlook for 2020.


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