The middle market is the most consistently growth oriented segment of the Australian business community


Small business basks in media attention as a leading indicator of the nation's entrepreneurial drive, and large multinational corporations operate on the other end of the spectrum, as the "headliners" of business. Both the small and the large leverage their size to influence favourable policy development. In the meantime the Mid-Market gets little attention from policy makers, the public, and even the media.

Yet, the Mid-Market has an influence on the national economy just as large - and just as significant - as the other two sectors. In fact this sector truly punches above its weight. Of Australia's two million businesses, the Mid-Market sector represents just over 27,500 businesses or about 1.4% of all businesses, but it is responsible for just over one third of business revenues, more than one-third of all employees (part time and full-time)and nearly one fifth of all borrowings and deposits.

The Mid-Market comprises publicly traded,privately-owned, family-owned and even partnerships and sole proprietorships businesses.

This biannual study will provide a greater understanding of this sector's concerns and issues as seen by the financial decision maker of their organisation - the CFO or chief financial decision maker.

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