On the whole, the U.S. middle market is a historically overlooked yet incredibly powerful segment of the economy. While the National Center for the Middle Market has made great strides over the past decade in shedding light on the middle market’s importance and outsized contributions, Black-owned middle market companies remain somewhat of an enigma.

Our research team conducted individual 60-minute Zoom interviews with 13 Black middle market business owners and leaders. Our respondents are responsible for strategic decision making in organizations spanning different industries, including construction, logistics, financial services and information technology. The companies in the survey ranged in size from $20 million to $500 million in annual revenues. By talking directly with these Black middle market business leaders, we sought to better understand the dynamics of Black-owned middle market businesses in the United States, including specific drivers of success as well as factors that hinder success as companies grow to a specific size and become midsize businesses. 

Download our report to see how four key findings in this report can help educate middle market stakeholders on the Black-owned business story. They give insights into how industry partners and service providers may be able to better support Blackowned middle market businesses. And they can help define a road map for tapping the full potential of this segment to contribute to and shape the middle market’s continued prosperity and success. 


“I sense that Black-owned businesses do not have the access needed for involvement in the buyers’ planning process. They do not have meaningful inclusion in the innovation process where strategic decisions are made, such as product development and launch, product and process innovation, and R&D. This lack of involvement in the strategic planning and being unable to escape the commodity position results in a lack of upward mobility for minority suppliers.”

- Dr. James Hill Chair, Department of Operations and Business Analytics and Professor of Operations Management


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