Join us as we dive into the world of fintech solutions and digital payments for middle market companies. In this episode, we sit down with Jay Darnell, Senior Vice President of Fintech Partnerships at Veritex Community Bank, and Leigh Radtke, Vice President of North America Product at Visa Commercial Solutions, to explore the latest trends and innovations in the payment space. Jay and Leigh discuss the importance of digitization and how middle market companies can leverage fintech solutions to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

VISA Commercial Solutions, a division of VISA, helps connect businesses to a secure, global network of platforms, products, and services—no matter where you are on your business journey.

Veritex Community Bank, founded in 2010 is one of the top 10th largest banks headquartered in Texas. Rooted in truth, transparency and uncompromising integrity, Veritex focuses on a wide variety of commercial and business banking solutions to meet the needs of middle market clients.