The middle market continues to be an important component of the economy, driving growth in the U.S. and locally. Since actual and predicted revenues have been better than gains in the S&P 500, these companies also are critical to the economic recovery. Despite challenges such as the cost of healthcare and maintaining margins, most companies plan to hire more workers with the potential to add one million jobs in 2013. Another positive sign is that companies aren’t hoarding as much cash and making plans to put it to work and invest in their businesses. Revenue grew at about 7% for the past 12 months and is expected to remain strong in 2013. Most executives tend to underestimate their projected revenue, meaning that the 5.2% prediction likely will be surpassed.

Mid-Year 2023 Webinar Recording

Watch the recording to hear the latest data and trends from the National Center for the Middle Market, hosted by Doug Farren, Managing Director of NCMM. You can download a copy of the presentation slides here



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