Vistage Worldwide assembles and facilitates peer advisory groups for CEOs and Key Executives. An exclusive community of more than 21,000 business leaders across a broad array of industries in 16 countries, Vistage helps business leaders refine their instincts, improve their judgment, expand their perspectives and optimize decision making. In fact, CEOs who joined Vistage grew their companies at three times the rate of average U.S. companies. Vistage groups are facilitated by successful leaders, who help guide CEOs and Key Executives to work together to improve themselves, their companies, and their communities.

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White Castle

The most influential burger of all time, as it was dubbed by Time® Magazine, got its start in 1921 when Billy Ingram used $700 to launch an idea – the first fast food hamburger chain in the world. While the iconic Original Slider® hasn’t changed much in 99 years, the business certainly has. 

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