Playing a Central Role

U.S. companies, and middle market businesses in particular, faced significant change throughout 2019. Economic shifts, trade wars, and, perhaps most importantly, the growing importance of digital technologies across all industries affected the middle market with special acuity. Because the middle market is the engine that drives the U.S. economy, its response to these changes is not only important to its own growth and success, but also to the health of local and regional economies and the performance of the nation as a whole.

In 2019, the Center’s primary focus was on helping middle market businesses make change work. By researching the current issues these businesses face and delivering new insights into how the best performers navigate change, the Center helps middle market companies shape their strategies, implement data-based best practices, and use their own unique strengths to establish the best routes forward. At the same time, the Center promotes greater awareness and understanding of the vitality and importance of middle market companies among key stakeholder groups, including policymakers, economic development organizations, the media, and the advisors and companies that serve and support middle market businesses. These efforts help further pave the path for the middle market’s continued success. Learn about the Center's achievements and impact in the 2019 middle market annual report.