The middle market employs close to 50 million Americans, boasts a growth rate double that of the S&P, and continues to expand, innovate, and hire. While these companies are a vital part of this country’s economic engine, they often go without the recognition they deserve -- unbeknownst to the average consumer, overlooked by policymakers, and uncovered by the media.

A demographic of businesses largely overshadowed by their main street and Fortune 500 counterparts, but every day providing much of the infrastructure, tools, and services that all businesses and consumers rely on, the middle market deserves a holiday -- and no, we don’t mean a day off.

These businesses need a day to be celebrated and be recognized. That’s why we created Middle Market Monday. Middle Market Monday, to be celebrated on January 26, 2015 will be the inaugural holiday focused on middle market businesses, shedding light on what it will take to help them succeed in 2015 and beyond. The goal of the day is to raise the collective voice of the leaders of this group of companies and to unearth the very real concerns they face as they strive to achieve their ambitious goals. Middle Market Monday aims to create a community where a conversation can live as a first step in achieving recognition, resources, and support for the middle market as a whole.

The unique and critical challenges these businesses face have to do with attracting talent, finding new customer segments, maintaining culture through expansion, finding capital providers and partners to help them grow, among others. Beginning to discuss how they strive to overcome the challenges they face, their priorities for 2015, and what concerns them most in the coming year is key to identifying how these companies, and ultimately the U.S. economy, will grow.

Before January 26, we’re asking all business owners in the middle market to share their perspective on three key questions to help illuminate what these companies need to succeed:

  • What kept you up at night in 2014?
  • What are the top goals for your business in 2015?
  • What external factors will affect your business in 2015?

We’ve already started collecting responses and are looking forward to sharing them on Jan. 26 in an interactive gallery we will release on By gathering the perspectives of many, we are hoping to focus the lens more clearly on what can be done together to help the middle market continue to grow. If you are a middle market business or know a middle market business, join the conversation! Share your perspective and help the middle market be heard!

Partners of the middle market, including the NCMM and the many financial institutions, research organizations, suppliers, vendors, customers, employees, policymakers and media also have an important stake in this conversation. If you are a partner to the middle market, your involvement is crucial and perspective on what will help and hinder these companies is highly valued. To participate in Middle Market Monday email us at

And don’t forget to check out on January 26 to explore the responses of fellow business owners and help us celebrate the first ever Middle Market Monday! You can also follow the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: