When Randy Thompson began running the family business a little more than 20 years ago, ThompsonGas had just one store, three delivery trucks, and eight employees serving three states. Today, the middle-market firm has more than 51 branch locations and 350 employees serving 12 states. Join us as Randy tells us where the firm’s next chapter of growth is being written.

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Middle Market Thought Leader Podcast is about inspiring business leaders to take a leadership leap and open a new chapter of growth for their middle-market companies. We know that by learning from the failures, Ah-ha! moments, and successes of other middle-market business leaders, you can take inspired action.

Jack Sweeney is editor in chief of Middle-Market Executive. He is the former editor in chief of Business Finance Magazine and recent editorial director for The CFO Alliance. Jack was the founding editor of Consulting magazine today owned by Bloomberg L.P. He served as editor of Integration Management and Washington Technology, both published by The Washington Post Cos. He can be reached at jack.sweeney@middlemarketexecutive.com.