Industrial Exchange 2019 conference

May 6 - 8

Miami, Florida

National Center for the Middle Market Executive Director Tom Stewart will be moderating the panel:

How do Middle Market Industrials Pick the Right Strategies and Tools to Deliver Value

C-suite executives at middle market industrial companies have a lot to digest these days — adopting transformative technologies, finding the right talent, implementing new business processes, embracing digital efforts, understanding big data and analytics – to name just a few. At the same time, these same executives are responsible for delivering improved year-on-year financial performances. Excellent strategic planning and execution is imperative to the success of these industrial companies, particularly those owned by private equity,

In an increasingly data driven world, operations and business activities can be tracked, analyzed and improved using big data, algorithms, predictive analytics and visualization. Companies can use this data to monitor quality control, automate customer interactions, forecast demand and maximize equipment life cycles — we’ll hear how IndEx community members are embracing business intelligence to help create operational value. We will hear how middle market industrials and their private equity owners are driving revenue and margin growth through best-in-class management and operation techniques.

The panel will address these topics and more:

  • How digitalization can improve top line and bottom line revenues and streamline manufacturing processes and supply chains
  • The place and purpose of business intelligence activities in industrial companies
  • Cloud technology and collaboration tools – how to improve workflows with customers, vendors, internal business units – and between private equity owners and C-suite industrial teams
  • Compliance and Risk – how are the most successful middle-market companies monitoring risk and compliance?
  • Sales and Marketing Automation – what tools and tactics does a best-in-class middle market industrial use to drive sales and marketing growth?