Winning the Talent War

July 18, 2017

The Fawcett Center, Columbus, OH

9 AM


The U.S. work force is at a turning point, with change swirling everywhere: Millennials are now the largest generation in the workplace. Baby boomers – and their decades of institutional knowledge – are nearing retirement after putting it off during last decade’s recession. Constant technological leaps are rewriting the rules for the skill sets that matter. What does this mean for organizations trying to attract and hire today’s talent? How does this change the game for their ongoing efforts to build an innovation culture and develop their existing employees?

At this session, gain insights on this issue from three compelling angles:

The Big Picture: Brookings Institution Fellow Marek Gootman will be unveiling results of a new work-force survey conducted in conjunction with the National Center for the Middle Market. The survey, set to be released in late June, looks at how companies are responding to large-scale shifts in work-force dynamics to hire and retain workers.
The Ground War: Join four talent acquisition and management leaders from major Ohio-based companies for a wide-ranging panel discussion on how their organizations are responding to these work-force trends. The panel, moderated by Fisher HR expert Marc Ankerman, features:

Tony Moore, head of talent acquisition, Marathon Petroleum Corp.
Will Shepherd, director of enterprise learning and development, Wendy's Co.
Kathy Smith, VP talent development, Nationwide
Kelly Wilson, VP HR-talent management, Cardinal Health
The Pipeline: Jamie Mathews-Mead, senior director of graduate career management at Fisher closes out the session with a look at how the college is preparing students to best meet companies’ rapidly evolving needs and how organizations can best partner with the college to build and grow their work forces.