The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company


In 1978, Philly diners needed a really good cookie to complete a meal at their favorite deli, and The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company was born. The company focused on creating big, chewy chocolate chip cookies, which quickly gained notoriety throughout the city for their fresh, homemade taste. 

Today, Famous 4th Street Cookie is still committed to using the finest all-natural ingredients and baking cookies fresh every day. They’ve expanded operations to include new flavors like Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Snickerdoodle, Black & White, Toffee Pecan cookies, and so many more. Cookie-lovers don’t have to go to Philadelphia to try these famous treats either. The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company offers nationwide shipping, with a promise to bake and ship cookies on the same day so they arrive as fresh and ready-to-eat as they are in the store. The firm also offers corporate and special events catering, seasonal treats, wedding dessert bars and more.

 Standing out Among the Cookie Competition
The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company faces a crowded market place where it could have been difficult to stand out. However, the company has found their secret ingredient and it is, in a word, their ingredients. 

The firm insists on natural ingredients regardless of the cost to them, because it’s at the heart of the value they deliver. A customer that orders a Famous 4th Street Cookie can feel confident that they’re eating or gifting the highest quality cookie around, made with pure vanilla, AA shielded butter, and the highest-grade flour available. Famous is committed to keeping the small batch approach as it grows. Many brands use automation, which the firm believes can compromise quality. At The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company there’s nothing in the manufacturing process that’s unnatural or added and the firm even sources all packaging materials from the U.S., meticulously arranging every box so that cookies remain unbroken and packaging is beautiful upon delivery. 


“We really want to deliver the WOW factor. Part of that is through incredible presentation, but we won’t sacrifice on quality in any aspect. From the cookies themselves to the door-to-door package tracking or the real people who answer the phone as part of our customer service, we’ve been able to grow by remaining completely committed to serving the customer,” said Tina Phillips, owner of The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company. 

Even with its expanding online ordering business, Famous 4th Street Cookie uses no preservatives or chemicals, requiring 2 to 3-day shipping for cross country orders to ensure freshness. Company ownership has seen just how much these decisions contribute to their success through the continued loyalty and satisfaction of its customers.

Transforming Culture

Phillips and her husband Brian took over the business in 2016, and recognized a needed culture shift at that time. They immediately began taking a look at the culture and its people, working to develop individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the success of the company. In developing a workplace based on respect and teamwork, Phillips even went so far as to attend doctor appointments in support of her staff. This transformation was at least a two-year process, but today Phillips describes the culture as one of respect for all where each employee feels a sense of ownership to their team and the success of the company.

In line with its commitment to developing individuals, Famous 4th Street Cookie has helped alleviate some of the common challenges for middle market companies in the area of staffing by promoting from within. Phillips recognizes a skills-gap, particularly in the manufacturing or technical portion of the business, but has found success in training current employees and giving them growth opportunities to address those needs.

Words of Advice and New Horizons

Phillips recommends middle market executives not be afraid to fail. With so many paths available, her business has found triumph in (conservatively) trying new things. She recommends trying something out, investing in what works and backtracking on what doesn’t, but ultimately in marching forward without fear and making sure your dollars are working for you.

Taking their own advice, Famous 4th Street Cookies is growing on a number of fronts. They’ll be moving the bakery to a new, larger location in Philadelphia soon, have begun dabbling in exports, and are expanding their ecommerce business. The company is also staying true to its roots and investing in its community, working on partnerships with a number of iconic Philly brands.