Proconex is an industrial applications and solutions company in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing world-class solutions to a diverse portfolio of clients. The National Center for the Middle Market had the opportunity to speak with the Vice President of Process Systems & Solutions, Rich Dunbar, about the company’s growth, culture, and dynamic partnerships.


Initial Strategy

Proconex has always regionally focused, starting off as a Mid-Atlantic provider of process solutions to power plants and industrial manufacturers. At the time, Proconex was a member of the Fisher Controls network. Fisher Controls’ strategy was to go to market with local representation across the country. Proconex leveraged the expertise and passion of local people that were close to their customers.


Both Fisher Controls and Proconex evolved over time as the market and customer needs changed. Proconex developed depth and breadth in its portfolio of services and this expansion has been an engine of growth for years.


Partnership Model

Today, Proconex is the exclusive provider of Emerson Automation Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region. Working within this partnership or network model has been one of the largest determinants of Proconex’s development as a company. Within the Emerson network, there are no overlapping territories. The network of “Emerson Impact Partners” is comprised of 21 distinct companies across the country. Together, these companies make up the “strategic growth partners network,” and work together to proactively manage their relationship with Emerson.


The network, and its overarching strategy, is over 100 years old. The decision was made early on to award exclusive rights to provide Emerson (previously Fisher Controls) solutions. This partnership model drives a willingness to collaborate and invest collectively. Maintaining relationships both within the network and with Emerson takes dedication and there are certainly bumps along the way. However, a shared commitment to the customer and to mutually beneficial relationships serves as a glue among the partners.



While every Emerson Impact Partner commits to five core operational principles, each distinct company has its own brand and culture. Proconex’s culture is deep-seated in its roots, focused on working hard, treating people right, and always putting the customer first. Proconex overlays its own five pillars that define their values:


  1. Excellence Personified: Striving to be the best, so customers prefer to do business with us
  2. Relentlessly Dedicated: Continuously innovating to deliver a memorable customer experience
  3. Authentic: Delivering what we promise
  4. Ever Mindful: Elevating safety, mutual respect, and the welfare of others above all
  5. Creating Momentum: Aligning ourselves with our customers’ vision.