Kane Is Able

“One Truck and One Man”

Kane Is Able’s founding is a chapter in the “Great American story.” Edward J. Kane left his job as an insurance salesman in the 1930s as he faced a declining economy and dwindling sales opportunities. He traded his car for a used truck in February of 1930 and Kane Freight Lines was born. Edward identified a need in the market and stepped up to fill that role. Kane Freight Lines serviced the Pennsylvania valleys and his company grew steadily through the ‘30s and ‘40s.

In 1955, Edward’s son, Eugene, took over the family business. Eugene had a vision for the company and capitalized on the natural synergy of providing both warehousing and transportation services. Eugene had a true entrepreneurial spirit, growing the company from $26,000 in annual revenue to $6 million by 1980.

KANE Today

From 1980 to present, Kane Is Able grew from 27 associates to over 1,000, more than tripled the number of trucks in their fleet and drove their annual revenue into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The company continues to grow at a rapid rate and manages over 6 million square feet of warehouses and distribution centers servicing all major U.S. markets.

Kane Is Able now offers a plethora of integrated logistics services, including warehousing and distribution, fulfillment and ecommerce, transportation solutions, contract packaging, cross docking, manufacturing logistics, and workforce management. The company has deep and diverse industry knowledge and extensive experience partnering with industries such as wine and spirits, food, retail, industrial, and health and beauty.