President and CEO of Paul Werth Associates

An insatiable appetite for learning eventually presents opportunities to provide meaningful counsel.

This statement perhaps best embodies who Sandy is and her ability to leave and indelible mark on everything she touches and influences.

As the second generation to lead the firm founded by her father in 1963, Sandy provides the senior leadership and strategic direction for the firm’s communication counsel. Her expertise across the strategic communication spectrum and public policy communication keeps her at the forefront of thought leadership conversations and regularly garners an invitation to the table when stakes are high.

That is where Sandy thrives – applying her knowledge and experience in corporate America and as a distinguished educator for more than a decade to the benefit of clients. Her most rewarding work is often unsung and out of the limelight, providing thoughtful, strategic and confidential counsel to CEOs and C-suite executives facing the challenges of their day. Her exemplary example of grace under pressure gives leaders the courage to tackle difficult issues with newfound confidence.

An active civic leader and champion of her industry, Sandy credits some of her greatest accomplishments coming through her work on civic boards, specifically her tenure as the board chair at her alma mater, Kent State University, where she also chaired the Presidential Search Committee during her term. A trailblazing leader like her father before her, she has chaired the Counselor’s Academy, the only association for PR firms in the country at the time, and is a founding member of the PR Council the only national trade group representing the public relations consulting industry.

Sandy’s commitment to community sets the tone and inspires a work culture where getting involved and giving back is highly encouraged and equally contagious.