Restarting the Engine of Growth

May 13, 2020

with Fisher College of Business

3:30 PM (Eastern)

Restarting the Engine of Growth: How the U.S. Middle Market Is Responding to COVID-19 to Reshape How It Does Business and How America Grows

Midsized companies, which account for a third of private-sector GDP and jobs, also produce the lion’s share of economic growth. Fisher is home to the National Center for the Middle Market, the nation’s leading research group studying these companies, their impact and their challenges. The middle market is “the market that moves America” — literally, in many cases, because these companies are critical links in supply chains. The pandemic has hit them hard, but it has also caused them to call on their agility and ingenuity to rethink how they operate. When recovery comes, it will be led by them.

In this webinar, you will learn about:
• The importance of the middle market to the national and Ohio economies, and to industries.
• The factors that drive the growth of middle market companies.
• The impact of COVID-19 on the middle market and, in particular, on supply chains — the nerves and sinews on which commerce moves.
• How midsized companies are responding and transforming themselves for the post-pandemic future.