1Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator

The U.S. Middle Market closed 2016 on a high note and has carried that momentum forward into 2017, with all indices pointing to an increasingly robust middle market. Actual and projected revenue and employment growth rates continue to rise significantly, and economic confidence is keeping pace, with all measures at their highest levels since the inception of the Middle Market Indicator in 2011.


Key Insights

At 9.2%, the year-over-year revenue growth rate for middle market firms is significantly higher than any previous quarter in the history of the MMI. While construction companies report the highest growth, nearly doubling the growth rates reported last quarter, revenue growth is up across all industries, with the exception of wholesale trade.

Hiring is one the rise

A slight majority (51%) of middle market businesses added to their employment rosters this year while only about one in 10 firms decreased the size of the workforce.

Confidence continues to grow

Economic confidence, which has been rising steadily since mid 2016, reached a new high at the end of the Q1 2017, with U.S. economic confidence levels surpassing local confidence for the first time in MMI history.

More companies plan to spend

Around two-thirds of middle market companies continue to say they would allocate extra dollars toward investment, a percentage that has remained relatively consistent since 2013.


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