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The National Center for the Middle Market ensures the vital middle market receives the attention it deserves. The Center provides a voice and point-of-view for this critical yet understudied segment of the economy, driving national dialogue about its importance and impact.

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A Better Onboarding Process: Shorten the Learning Curve and Motivate New Hires Through Technology

Middle market companies have very few positions that can withstand a lull in productivity while a new employee learns specific duties, the firm's procedures and the company culture. Even more ominous is the possibility that a new employee washes out of the organization within 12 months because of failing to meet management's expectations, or because management didn't help the employee become suffi…

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What Does an Internal HR Department Bring to a Midmarket Company?

Technology has certainly made it easier for middle market companies to focus on core competencies and operate more effectively. A prime example is the ability to outsource various administrative tasks that are typically handled by an HR department, such as payroll, health and retirement benefits, and legal and regulatory compliance. Without the option to outsource to specialty firms possessing dee…

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In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked KRAVE Jerky 4th on its Top Food & Beverage Companies list as part …

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