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The National Center for the Middle Market ensures the vital middle market receives the attention it deserves. The Center provides a voice and point-of-view for this critical yet understudied segment of the economy, driving national dialogue about its importance and impact. 

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April 21 - 24, 2014

Access GE Executive Education Program

Columbus, OH

Designed for teams of three to five cross-functional executives, senior managers, or business leaders, our executive education program helps your company’s leaders tackle a real business challenge or opportunity currently faced by your company. The program’s project-based learning combines world-class academic instructors, GE experts, and real world expert practitioners who will share frameworks, best practices, and inisights that your leadership team can adapt and apply within your business.

April 27 - 30, 2014

Milken Institute Global Conference

Los Angeles, CA

Each spring, the Milken Institute brings many of the world’s most powerful people to Los Angeles on a mission to address the biggest challenges of our time. Armed with provocative opinions and fresh insights, they do much more than just debate the issues. They help move policy toward realistic solutions.

Expert Perspectives

Trump the Business Skills Gap and Free Your Business

Trump the Business Skills Gap and Free Your Business

Ultimately, a business is the people who work there. Whether you look at the employees on a manufacturing line, people sitting in accounting, or upper management, a company is limited by the business skills of those working day in and day out. In many areas, companies are facing a growing skills gap, and middle market businesses can be hit particularly hard by what they don't have. The good news is that they can develop talent and skills, hire for additional skills, and reap great rewards, both in competitive positioning and in opportunities.

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Top 3 Ways to Increase Revenue With Existing Customers

Top 3 Ways to Increase Revenue With Existing Customers

The best way to increase revenue in middle market companies is with an upsell or cross-sell strategy with your existing customers. Upsell means to sell more (like a higher level program that you offer) to an existing customer, and cross-sell means to sell other products or services to an existing customer.

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