2Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator

Middle market companies continue to report strong revenue and employment growth in the second quarter of 2017. The percentage of middle market leaders reporting improvements in company performance over the past 12 months fell slightly from last quarter, but at 65%, it remains above the historical MMI average of 61%.


Key Insights

After spiking to 9.2% last quarter, the year-over-year revenue growth rate in the middle market has settled back to 6.7%. At 5.5%, the projected growth rate for the next 12 months remains healthy and is half a point above the anticipated growth rates reported one year ago.

Employment growth remains strong

At 5.7%, the employment growth rate is the second-highest rate of employment growth reported by the MMI, well above the five-and-a-half year average of 3.7%.

Confidence remains historically high

Although economic confidence levels have dipped slightly from record levels reported last quarter, confidence in local, state, and global economies remains well above their five-and-a-half year averages.

Most companies would invest extra cash

This quarter, close to seven out of 10 (67%) middle market leaders say they would invest an extra dollar as opposed to save it. While this percentage typically hovers right around two-thirds, it is up from 61% at the end of 2015.


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