The State of Healthcare in the U.S. Middle Market

In 2013, providing healthcare to employees topped the list of business challenges for middle market companies. Further, over the past 12 months, 90% or more of middle market executives stress the fact that the cost of healthcare poses a challenge to their business. Because they lack the scale of global companies and are without the exemptions granted to small firms, mid-market companies are caught in the middle as they try to adjust to the rising costs and new regulations surrounding healthcare.

Despite all of this, middle market firms still support providing healthcare to their employees and find that well-managed healthcare solutions can have a positive impact on their firms as a whole. Their embrace of new healthcare solutions represent a paradigm shift toward a holistic approach to the value these benefits have on a company's performance. In this way, the middle market is at the forefront of true innovation that will have the benefit of not only boosting bottom lines, but also improving healthcare delivery systems for users across the spectrum.

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