The Market That Moves America

A thought-provoking podcast that covers middle market trends, challenges and opportunities. With the help of industry experts and company leaders, the National Center for the Middle Market offers insights about a critical but often overlooked segment of the U.S. economy – the middle market. Each episode, we explore the most relevant issues for these companies, and share recent research and best practices to help leaders in the middle market grow their businesses.

  • Episode 11: Scale, Sell, Succeed

    Whether you're selling a business, scaling it up, or looking for a successor, every executive has to deal with transition. NCMM executive director Tom Stewart discusses leadership transition with Allie Taylor of Orange Kiwi.

  • Episode 10: Help Wanted: The Middle Market's Talent Gap

    American businesses struggle to find the talent they need--especially in the middle market, where growth is strongest. Listen as NCMM’s Tom Stewart discusses the middle market’s workforce challenges with Marek Gootman and Martha Ross, fellows of the Brookings Institution

  • Episode 9: Company of the Month: Homage

    The retail industry is changing, but one middle market specialty apparel company continues to grow. NCMM Managing Director Doug Farren gets the story from HOMAGE

  • Episode 8: Leading From the Middle

    The National Center for the Middle Market sits down with Anil Makhija, dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, about how academia is supporting the middle market.

  • Episode 7: Growth Disruption: A Q&A with Chieh Huang

    Live from the 2017 Greater Cleveland Partnership Middle Market Forum. NCMM Executive Director Tom Stewart and Managing Director Doug Farren sit down with Boxed.com CEO Chieh Huang about how he is disrupting the wholesale industry.

  • Episode 6: The Perfect Link

    New research from the NCMM shows that the best middle market suppliers tend to be the largest and fastest-growing middle market companies. These suppliers focus on fewer rather than more customers. As a result, they develop deep, collaborative customer relationships. NCMM Managing Director Doug Farren discusses these findings with contributing researcher Thomas Goldsby, Professor of Logistics at the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

  • Episode 5: Culture of Cash

    NCMM Executive Director Tom Stewart examines how middle market companies unnecessarily tie up their cash, and as a result, miss out on opportunities when they arise. Special guest Rob Tague, Managing Director, Transaction Services, Grant Thornton LLP.

  • Episode 4: Cybersecurity: Understand Your Risk

    Cybersecurity is the protection of information and systems from attack, damage, and unauthorized access. Cyber criminals aim their attacks at sensitive data of organizations stored on computers and in the cloud.  When sensitive data is exposed, it puts the firm at risk of extortion, serious business disruption, data loss, and possible litigation. There is a clear need in the middle market for more enhanced cybersecurity. NCMM Executive Director Tom Stewart talks about this issue with Vishal Chawla, Principal in Grant Thornton’s Business Risk Services and Dmitry Kuchynski, Security Principal/Global Security Advisory Services at Cisco Systems.

  • Episode 3: Generating More Cash

    By studying the middle market’s approach to and perceptions of working capital management, and by comparing those data to practices among publicly traded entities, the National Center for the Middle Market and its research partners have identified and defined a major opportunity for companies to optimize working capital management and free up what can potentially amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional cash on hand. NCMM Executive Director Tom Stewart sits down with Jason Cagle, Head of Sales for Treasury & Payment of SunTrust, to discuss the findings.

  • Episode 2: Growth Champions

    This upper echelon of middle market companies, or Growth Champions, follows a clear blueprint for growth. Key strategies are based on a group of distinguishing characteristics, including strong management culture, exceptional talent management, sharp customer focus, broad geographic vision, and innovation. Take a closer look at these capabilities and how they enable exceptional growth for the Growth Champions of the middle market.

  • Episode 1: What Is The Middle Market?

    The National Center for the Middle Market presents its pilot episode. Executive Director Tom Stewart and Managing Director Doug Farren explain what exactly the middle market is and why it matters.

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