• Mastering Talent Planning: A Framework for Success

    Research by the National Center for the Middle Market and Vistage demonstrates that companies with superior talent planning achieve superior overall business performance. This report looks closely at how middle market businesses approach talent planning, and assesses the strengths and challenges in this space to provide businesses with talent planning insights along with a practical talent planning framework.  Read More >
  • Why Too Many New Managers Fail

    Over the past three decades, I have promoted scores of individuals into management positions -- often with disappointing results in the early years, despite a seemingly rigorous selection process. It’s not that these folks were abject failures in their new managerial roles. It’s just that too few of them displayed the level of excellence that had earned them the promotion in the first place.   Read More >
  • The Future Middle Market Workplace: Author and HR Expert Jeanne Meister on the Future of Work

    Today’s middle market workplace is changing rapidly, as technology and the composition of the workforce continue to evolve. Baby Boomers are moving into retirement; millennials are now the largest generational cohort in the labor force; digital technology is enabling more remote working and changing the way middle market companies recruit, hire, and engage their employees.
    The NCMM recently spoke with Jeanne Meister about workplace trends, and how they’re impacting middle market companies. Ms. Meister is a founding partner of Future Workplace, an HR Research and Executive Network and co-author of a new book, The Future Workplace Experience: 10 Rules for Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees.  Read More >
  • When Behavior Trumps Performance

    The truth is, when troubling behavior is not addressed, it eats at the organization like a cancer. Teamwork, the “esprit de corps,” and the cultural health of the organization are sacrificed at the altar of productivity. “Oh that’s just Susan!” one of my former peers used to say of a colleague who alienated everyone in her wake. “She ruffles a lot of feathers, but my God nobody delivers like she can.” As fate would have it, Susan eventually came to work in my department, and soon she learned I governed by a different code than what she had been used to. And while I put an abundance of energy into working with her and getting her to appreciate the negative impact of her behavior, I was never successful in so doing. We parted company some time later.  Read More >
  • Where Have All the Managers Gone?

    It was and still remains disheartening to see how few managers seem interested in “managing” -- doing the day-to-day work of motivating employees, setting them on the right path, making time for them one-on-one, and keeping them accountable. “Management” and “manager” have become quaint bywords for an old-fashioned way of running a business. People instead worship at the altar of leadership, on the misguided assumption that all any of us needs to do is “be our self” and let the brilliant light we shed cause others to follow.   Read More >
  • How to Build a Better Sales Force: Sales Management “Secrets” of High-Growth Middle Market Firms

    According to recent research by the National Center for the Middle Market, the fastest-growing middle market businesses are more likely than their peers to give their sales teams top marks. These high-growth, sales-savvy firms share a number of key practices when it comes to how they hire, train, compensate, and augment the efforts of their sales forces.  Read More >
  • The Force Is With You: Building a Highly Effective Sales Organization

    Sales is a critical factor in the success of a middle market organization. As such, middle market companies looking to drive revenue growth must develop successful sales cultures. The National Center for the Middle Market, in partnership with the American Marketing Association (AMA), surveyed 400 C-level middle market executives to identify best practices in middle market sales force structure, hiring and training strategies, compensation models, and technology deployment.  Read More >
  • The CEO’s Dirty Little Secret: The HR Exec Need Not Apply for My Job

    Why aren’t chief human resources officers given the same respect as fellow members of the C-Suite? The HR Chief may have a seat at the table, but not much of a voice. This is perhaps never more apparent than when the subject of succession must be addressed by the CEO and the board. When members of the C-Suite are evaluated for CEO succession potential, 99 times out of 100 they look right past the HR executive.  Read More >
  • Hiring When New Business Arrives: 5 Steps to Success

    New business is always great news — assuming you are ready to handle it. Many middle market companies find themselves flat-footed and playing catch-up in order to meet the demands of new business, and the situation can quickly become problematic if you stretch your existing employees too thin by adding work they may not be able to manage.

      Read More >

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