• Find the Office Setup That's Right for Your Company

    The basics of business success include keeping customers happy, finding a strong market niche, operating efficiently, recruiting and retaining a smart workforce, pushing innovation and building strong business alliances. But what about designing a comfortable office? Yes, your office setup, although seemingly not fundamental, greatly affects how well your company operates. Design matters — and not just in branding, products and marketing, but in where you work.

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  • The Sales Process: Just One Part of Client-Centered Coordination

    The sales process is an integral part of a company's success. However, consumers are increasingly demanding a fully integrated customer experience. If you're not providing an effective, seamless journey from closing to delivery to after-sales service, your clients will likely switch to competitors. Your internal structures are irrelevant to customers; they expect you to unfailingly meet and exceed their expectations. This requires close internal coordination among your company's departments.

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  • Crisis Management: What to Do When You Get Hacked

    Crisis management, or how you handle corporate communications in the face of disaster, is a well-known set of practices. You bank on being transparent, getting out ahead of the story and taking care of the situation as best as possible. It's about doing whatever it takes to avoid reputation damage. Cyberattacks are increasingly becoming one of the many potential crises organizations can face. If your company is targeted by hackers, there are several key steps you should take to minimize the impact. However, you should also establish a proactive defense before something happens.

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  • 2Q 2015 Middle Market Indicator Infographic

    The infographic of the 2Q 2015 Middle Market Indicator illustrates the state of revenue and employment growth, confidence and capital investment plans of the middle market in the ​second quarter of 2015. ​While revenue and employment growth continue to rise, the rates of growth ​have been slowing over the past year. National and local economic confidence remains strong, with global confidence still lagging. And middle market ​companies plan to invest in the coming year.  Read More >
  • Hiring for Both Company Culture and Diversity

    Company culture can become a challenge for the growing middle market business. As things get bigger, with more people, locations, products or services, customers and business partners, it's possible to dilute the culture responsible for that initial success. To help maintain the right atmosphere, companies have put an increasing emphasis on cultural fit in the hiring process.

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  • Glassdoor Reviews: When and How to Respond

    Glassdoor reviews can damage your middle market company's retention and recruiting efforts. We live in an age of social media where sharing and transparency are paramount values. Like it or not, your employees will be going online and writing reviews about the good, the bad and the ugly of working for your firm.

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  • Recruitment Outside the United States: 7 Essential Considerations

    Recruitment is tough, especially when you can't find the person to fit your precise needs. Imagine you've scoured your area — and then other areas across the country — for talent to fill a specialized engineer position at your middle market company, but you've come up empty-handed. Now what? You can expand your recruitment reach to overseas job markets. While finding, interviewing and hiring a qualified foreign employee might not be easy, it could be your only remaining option. How, then, should you go about it? Here are seven important considerations:

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  • minuteKEY: Revolutionizing the Key Industry

    Founded in 2008, minuteKEY has rapidly transformed the key-cutting industry. minuteKEY combines robotics and software engineering to provide consumers the first self-service key duplication kiosk. Each machine is highly accurate and user-friendly, ensuring each customer walks away satisfied and with a working key duplicate. In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked minuteKEY 11 on the annual Inc. 5000 list for growing privately held companies. We recently spoke with Chris Lohmann, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, about minuteKEY’s unique perspective as a middle market company. ​  Read More >
  • Leading From the Future

    Management and leadership are future-oriented activities. To be strategic implies having a long time horizon, and engaging with current activities and choices from that broader perspective. To think about (and from) the future is an essential act of management. And yet, this deceptively simple act can be approached through four different mindsets.  Read More >

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