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  • Author and Marketing Guru Bruce Turkel on How to Grow Your Business By Focusing on Others

    Author Bruce Turkel, in both his new book "All About Them" and during the last 33-years running his Miami-based marketing firm, Turkel Brands, helps companies move from “company-centric” marketing to “customer-centric” communication. Turkel strongly believes that companies which understand, and best connect with, the emotional needs of customers will gain a huge competitive advantage. He recently spoke with the NCMM about his ideas.  Read More >
  • Transitioning Salespeople: How to Avoid Disrupting Client Relationships

    Salespeople leave. It happens. But for a midmarket company, the transition isn't always easy. An important component to sales is building relationships, so when one of those relationships ends, clients may feel like they've been abandoned or left in the lurch. Building trust and confidence with someone new can take time, and retaining customers and sales numbers during a transition is vital for midmarket firms that want to stay competitive.

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  • How to Execute a Hassle-Free Rebranding

    If your middle market company has grown and evolved over the years, then you might be wondering if it's time to rebrand. A company's or product's brand represents its identity — the distillation of what it is and what it stands for. For customers, encountering a rebranded product can be like learning that an acquaintance suddenly changed his name: not necessarily a bad thing, but it may take time to adjust.

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  • Choosing a Keynote Speaker: 6 Steps to Better Company Events

    Do you need a keynote speaker for your middle market company's next event? How do you go about finding one who will work best for your budget and overall goals ? Start with a clear understanding of your objectives and a realistic idea of what your resources will allow. You likely don't have the financial wherewithal of your larger rivals, so creativity can be a great equalizer here because enterprises aren't as flexible as you are.

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  • How a Unique Office Can Boost Recruitment, Retention — and Your Brand

    ExactTarget found before being acquired by Salesforce. The company was able to attract younger talent in part because of its office design: an open arrangement with coffee bars and group workspaces complete with sofas. According to PSFK, such designs speak to millennials, who tend toward informality, collaboration and community when working. "I wanted to be part of a company that emphasized culture," said one ExactTarget recruit.  Read More >
  • 4 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

    Your sales cycle is longer than you'd like; you wait weeks and months for customers to make that crucial decision to buy. Meanwhile, your company's sales team is skillfully executing their work, making great presentations, getting to know prospects and their particular problems, negotiating customized solutions and moving toward that all-important close. So what can your middle market company do as the weeks and months roll by and customers don't buy?

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  • Regular Website Maintenance Is Necessary to Maintain a Strong Brand

    By Rob Carey

    Countless companies have devoted considerable time and effort toward the initial design, functionality and testing of their websites. However, some internal stakeholders often misunderstand a website's launch as the end of a process. It is actually just the beginning. In fact, a company has a responsibility to ensure that its online presence always works well for users, always furthers the company's objectives and always has adequate security against hackers.

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  • 6 Ways Attending a Trade Show Can Improve Your Marketing

    There's a reason that companies see a trade show as a good marketing tool. Instead of trying to maintain relationships at arm's length, you have a chance to actually meet the people you do business with. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 70 percent of attendees plan to buy products, 76 percent ask for quotes and 26 percent sign purchase orders. Additionally, 88 percent haven't met the company's sales staff in the past year. Shows provide an important opportunity to convert leads into customers.

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  • How to be a Middle Market David

    Not too long ago, a Middle Market company with a great product had a tough time competing against the retail market’s biggest players. Not anymore. The social media revolution means that retail is anyone’s game, and if you’re not already taking advantage of that new opportunity, you should be. Mr. Erik Rosenstrauch, President and CEO of FUEL Partnerships, a retail marketing firm and a ROI Strategic Alliance Partner, explains how to do so.

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  • Find the Office Setup That's Right for Your Company

    The basics of business success include keeping customers happy, finding a strong market niche, operating efficiently, recruiting and retaining a smart workforce, pushing innovation and building strong business alliances. But what about designing a comfortable office? Yes, your office setup, although seemingly not fundamental, greatly affects how well your company operates. Design matters — and not just in branding, products and marketing, but in where you work.

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  • The Sales Process: Just One Part of Client-Centered Coordination

    The sales process is an integral part of a company's success. However, consumers are increasingly demanding a fully integrated customer experience. If you're not providing an effective, seamless journey from closing to delivery to after-sales service, your clients will likely switch to competitors. Your internal structures are irrelevant to customers; they expect you to unfailingly meet and exceed their expectations. This requires close internal coordination among your company's departments.

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