Providing the resources for a more competitive, more successful middle market.

If your company is one of the approximately 197,000 U.S. firms with revenues between $10MM and $1B, you are a part of the middle market. This critical sector of our economy accounts for the largest source of sustainable domestic jobs and one-third of the country’s total GDP. Yet is receives only a fraction of the attention afforded to our small business and large business segments.

Founded out of partnership between business and academia, The National Center for the Middle Market is committed to driving value for the middle market and ensuring this vital market sector garners the attention it so richly deserves. As the expert on all things middle market, the Center is the authority on the insights, challenges and solutions for middle market firms, including our Middle Market Indicator —the most comprehensive economic and performance barometer available on the middle market today. We offer access to events, including our annual National Middle Market Summit and Middle Market Career Fair . We provide a unique executive education course designed to improve the knowledge, skills, and performance of middle market management teams. And we partner with companies who serve the middle market to offer other unique opportunities designed specifically with the middle market’s needs in mind.

The National Center for the Middle Market is passionate about the success of middle market companies like yours, and we look forward to being an indispensible resource in your organization’s growth and prosperity.