Opportunities for Students

The National Center for the Middle Market offers undergraduate and graduate students several opportunities to learn about the vital U.S. middle market through student organizations, programs and events. Learn more about the opportunities available to students:

Middle Market Association at Ohio State

Middle Market Industry Cluster Program

Fisher Invitational Case Competition

Student Events


Middle Market Association at Ohio State

This organization exists to create awareness and drive engagement between students at The Ohio State University and middle market companies. Learn more.



Middle Market Industry Cluster Program

The Industry Cluster Program is designed as an MBA-like experience for undergraduate students who are highly motivated to jump start their career and want to understand the marketplace in which they will do business in the future. The program employs an experiential learning model. This involves a high degree of student engagement, case studies, and collaborative problem solving in the form of team projects/presentations that help students develop skills in topical research, project management, business presentations, and preparation of business reports. In addition to course work, a co-curricular component of the cluster model provides students with professional skills to succeed in the job market after graduation.

How does the program work for students?

Students admitted into the Industry Cluster Program will start cluster-specific activities in the autumn semester of their junior year. A faculty adviser for the program will choose alumni and industry experts from the cluster-specific industry who will interact with students and deliver experiences relevant to the theme of the cluster. These experiences may be in the form of case discussions, solving problems, discussing current events, or working on projects. This program is designed to be one year in length, with an opportunity to do projects for the companies represented in the spring semester. It allows for students to gain valuable knowledge about their future careers, understand the marketplace where they plan to do business, and provide them with a network of business professionals to help them be more competitive for job-seeking opportunities.

What benefits to companies receive?

For companies, participating in the Industry Cluster Program, there are a variety of benefits are available. The program will provide an opportunity to participate in a four month project with tangible results. The program will also offer potential creative solutions derived from student perspectives and provide access to future talent.

What does participation look like?

As a participant in the Middle Market Industry Cluster Program, companies are responsible for providing a project for a team of 4-5 students during the Spring Semester. Companies are also encouraged to provide a lecture about a relevant middle market topic and host a site visit to the assigned student team.

Sample Course Schedule:

Autumn 2016 Semester

One classroom visit with guest presentation

Host one on-site visit for assigned student team

Spring 2017 Semester

Provide a project for assigned student team

Provide support to assigned student teams through in-person visits or conference calls

Participate in feedback session with assigned student team on project results

2015 Corporate Participants


Fisher Invitational Case Competition

Middle Market Student Association at Ohio State

The National Center for the Middle Market sponsors the annual Fisher College of Business invitational case competition—an exciting event that brings together first year MBA students from prominent business schools to help solve complex, live business problems for middle market companies.

2015 Case Competition Highlights

2015 Participating Business Schools

+ University of Minnesota
+ The Ohio State University
+ Michigan State University
+ Pennsylvania State University
+ University of Wisconsin
+ Washington University in St. Louis
+ University of Rochester
+ Purdue University
+ University of Maryland

Past Case Competition Results

See the cases and winners from past case competitions.

Past Participating Middle Market Companies



Student Events

See what events the Center has going on for students by visiting our events calendar.



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