CEO Growth Champions

Fast growing Middle Market companies share their secrets to success.

What is it that makes some middle market companies so successful? Their vision? Their people? Their focus? According to the Center’s research, it’s a combination of key characteristics that has turned a select group of middle market companies into Growth Champions and set them far apart from their peers.

These Growth Champions—the top 9% of middle market companies—not only survived, but thrived, during the recent recessionary period. They achieved 10% or greater revenues growth in the past year and project similar results in 2012. The Growth Champions attribute much of their success to a group of shared traits:

Middle Market Growth Champion Differentiators

  • A sharp customer focus
  • Broad geographic vision
  • Investment in innovation
  • Strong management culture
  • Superior talent management

Meet the elite.

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Greg Tunney, President and CEO, RG Barry Corporation

Greg Tunney, head of RG Barry Corporation, an Ohio-based footwear and fashion accessories company and the maker of Dearfoams®, developed a culture of value and performance accountability to engage employees and increase annualized revenue growth by more than 23% from FY2007 to FY2011.