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  • 3Q 2014 Canadian Mid-Sized Business Outlook

    Between June and August 2014, GE Capital surveyed mid-sized companies to ascertain their views on the global and Canadian economies and their outlook on a variety of important economic, industry and business-level issues, including growth expectations and financing needs. The responses here represent averages based on 224 completed surveys. The decision-makers who were surveyed represent mid-sized companies with revenue ranging from $5 million to $1 billion (and $1 million to $1 billion in the automotive, food and beverage, and trucking industries).  Read More >
  • The UK Mid-Market: Pivoting to Growth

    The UK recovery now seems to be well underway following gve consecutive quarters of sustained growth. Most economic indicators suggest that this trend is set to continue. This, our third annual report on the UK mid-market, demonstrates the centrality of the mid-market to that recovery, creating jobs and driving exports.  Read More >
  • New Zealand: Mid-Market Report 2014

    In this report GE Capital introduces five Mid-Market companies through detailed case studies. Their research and case studies discuss the benefits Mid-Market players have experienced in growing from small to medium sized enterprises. They are better run, more structured, less risky companies than when they were small, they say.  Read More >
  • GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report March 2013

    This is the third GE Capital report to examine the outlook of CFOs in Australian Mid-Market businesses (defined by revenue of between $10 million and $250 million). The series has been tracking the Mid-Market since September 2011 and during that time one of the key themes that has emerged is the overwhelming resilience of the Mid-Market in the face of adversity.  Read More >
  • The European mid-market in 2013: Voices from the Boardroom

    This report follows on the footsteps of GE Capital's 2012 foundational study of the European mid-market. Over the past year GE Capital continued to track and assess this crucial segment of the economy in order to understand the business environment that they operate in as well as some of the challenges that they face. The 2013 report is based on updated data from 2,200 interviews with mid-market executives. It shows how critical these businesses are to the European economy. The mid-market accounts for just 1.5% of companies, yet contributes over a third of economic activity.  Read More >
  • GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report June 2012

    Where is the Australian economy heading? It's a critical question that economists and business forecasters are asking as we manage through some very turbulent economic times. Although we see growth, it' not uniform. In the first few months of 2012, as we see a continued resource boom, others watch key industries like Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade languish in some of the toughest conditions they have faced. And, as our economy asserts itself in the Asia Pacific, we wait to see how the global economy - impeded by a slow recovery in the US, the European sovereign debt crisis and a potential slowdown in Chinese economic growth - will affect our own. It's clear that Australian companies are facing uncertain economic conditions.  Read More >
  • Leading from the Middle: The Untold Story of British Business

    The report examines the role played by these mid-market companies within Great Britain. Learning from similar research and cross referencing these findings with a similar set of work carried out across Europe's largest economies, including Germany, we have identified a relatively small number of high performing companies that are important - not just because of their significance, but also because of the way they do business.  Read More >
  • The Mighty Middle: Why Europe's Future Rests on its Middle Market Companies

    This report examines the role played by mid-market companies - too big to be considered traditional SMEs, but smaller than those big, exchange listed businesses that dominate the headlines. What this report shows is that if Europe wants to find a path to growth then those looking for answers need to focus more on this group of middle-market companies that are, in fact, continuing to grow, even in the toughest of times.  Read More >
  • GE Capital Australian Mid-Market Report December 2011

    The Australian economy emerged from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) stronger than most other advanced economies and has shown itself to be one of the best performing among similarly sized countries. The facts about solid growth rates, low unemployment, positive terms of trade, and low inflation are well known. Behind those great outcomes are a number of contributing factors including our wealth of natural resources, proximity to key markets, a history of market liberalization, and solid economic and prudential management.  Read More >

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