Allie Harding

Partner at Orange Kiwi

Allie Harding is a consultant, researcher, and is currently completing her PhD in Business Psychology. Allie is a partner at Orange Kiwi, a firm that provides assessment tools, training and consulting to low and mid-market advisors and owners in understanding and leveraging the psychology of exits for bottom-line success. For more information, see 

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  • The Paradox of Success

    Research has demonstrated that as an entrepreneur’s self-efficacy rises their risk-taking propensity rises and they increasingly rely on their own abilities eschewing the wisdom of external voices such as advisors or their own management team.  This highlights some distinguishing features that differentiate successful entrepreneurs from managers.  One of the most pronounced differences results from how their skills are developed.    Read More >
  • Innovation and Identity: Why They Matter for Exits

    Only a fraction of all businesses that are started grow to achieve sufficient market success that give owners the option of a voluntary exit. Yet, less than 30% of all businesses in the mid-market actually sell. That draws us to the characteristics of owners and some interesting research that came out of Ohio State University (OSU) in the mid 1970’s on innovativeness.

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