Middle Market Research Projects and Fellows

The National Center for the Middle Market approves and funds several research projects each year. The projects fall into the following major categories: sourcing capital, talent management, operational efficiency/supply chain management, innovation, organizational issues, resiliency, regulation and globalization. The researchers for each project are Fellows of the Center.

You can learn more about the Fellows and their current and past research projects here. You can also take advantage of the research, data, reports, and articles originating from each Fellow’s research endeavors.

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Sample Current Projects & Fellows Include:

Download a complete list of funded projects and fellows by clicking here.

1. Effective Talent Management through Informal Human Resource Practices

  • Jill Ellingson, The Ohio State University

  • Howard Klein, The Ohio State University

  • Ray Noe, The Ohio State University

2. An Exploration of Supply Chain Resiliency of Middle Market Firms

  • Keely Croxton, The Ohio State University

  • Joseph Fiksel, The Ohio State University

  • Michael Kneymeyer, The Ohio State University

3. Acquisitions and their Role in Alleviating Financial Constraints in Middle Market Firms: A Research Proposal

  • Michael Weisbach, The Ohio State University

  • Isil Erel, The Ohio State University

4. Does Stock Market Misvaluation Affect Corporate Innovation

  • Ming Dong, York University

  • David Hirshleifer, University of California, Irvine

  • Siew Hong Teoh , University of California, Irvine

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