• Q4'14 Middle Market Indicator Webinar

    Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market, will share highlights from the Center's Q4'14 Middle Market Indicator (MMI) Report. Now with three consecutive years of performance data on the middle market, the MMI is the nation's most comprehensive barometer of U.S. middle market performance and future trends.  Watch Now >

  • Q2 '14 MMI Webinar

    Representing nearly 200,000 American companies in every industry nationwide, the U.S. middle market is an engine driving economic growth. With annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $1 billion, middle-market firms collectively generated one-third of U.S. private sector GDP and created 70% of all new jobs in 2013. But how are they doing in 2014? Now with 10 quarters of data, join ACG and Thomas A. Stewart, executive director of the National Center for the Middle Market, as he discusses the center’s Q2 2014 Middle Market Indicator report. Highlights include:

    • How are these firms currently performing in terms of revenue growth and job creation?
    • Are they planning to hire?
    • What is their future outlook?
    • Challenges?
    • What is the economic outlook for the middle market?
    • Year-over-year middle-market trend data compared to small and large firms.
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  • Buying Innovation is an Option

    The results of Plante Moran's 2013 Innovation Survey indicate that seven out of 10 organizations are convinced that they would be more successful with innovation if they collaborated. The majority of survey participants had a history of collaborating with suppliers and customers, but some were branching out and looking at small entrepreneurial companies and universities to collaborate with on innovation. Plante Moran and some of its partners in the survey have designed a webinar to help you explore the possibilities to further your innovation efforts. At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will know:

    • About research available from universities
    • How new business incubators work
    • What an ecosystem for innovation is and how it works
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  • Choosing the Right Partner for Global Expansion

    Middle-sized and small businesses are turning to strategic alliances and joint ventures to help them enter international markets, according to research by the National Center for the Middle Market and the Economist Intelligence Unit. The problem is that these business ventures often fail, but why? Global business experts and experienced matchmakers from Plante Moran and The Ohio State University discuss what leaders of small- and mid-sized businesses should consider to ensure the success of their global partnerships. Choosing a firm that is similar in size can be comforting, but does it really contribute the economies of scale, market power and organizational image that can make a venture successful?

    • What are the challenges companies face when going abroad?
    • How can they overcome those challenges?
    • What are the characteristics of a good partner for global expansion?
    This webinar offers answers to these questions.  Watch Now >

  • Separating Research and Development from Operations. When and Why

    It is important for managers of middle market firms, as they grow, to understand that at some point they should begin to structurally separate manufacturing and R&D. Firms with a narrow product focus can effectively use the same teams for R&D and manufacturing activities, but when they expand their product categories using the same people for R&D and manufacturing, performance in both areas starts to diminish. There is also another option. Some organizations are specializing, opting to outsource R&D and provide the manufacturing or focus on R&D and outsource manufacturing. Our experts and experienced advisors will help you look at these strategies from all angles so you can weigh the options. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

    • Discuss the factors to consider before segregating R&D from operations
    • List the pros and cons of segregating R&D
    • Relate examples of various approaches to positioning R&D in an organization
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  • Become an Innovation Superstar: Double the return on your investment

    It is generally accepted that innovation is essential for growth and sustainability. But did you know that leadership and culture are considered the biggest constraints on innovation by everyone, even the top innovators? This webinar is designed to help leaders unravel the mystique of innovation and understand how to develop a philosophy of ecosystem that nurtures invention. You'll learn practical information from top innovators -- how they budget, reward staff, whom they depend on for research, and how they handle front office topics like organizational structure and strategy as well as marketing concepts.

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    • CEO Growth Champion Series: Building a Corporate Culture

      During this webinar discussion, you will hear the success story of RG Barry Corporation, a middle market Growth Champion that grew dramatically and increased revenues by 23% during the post-recessionary period. You will discover middle market best practices, including the Ohio-based footwear and fashion accessory company’s innovative approach to developing a strong corporate culture. And you will see how a similar culture can accelerate growth in your own company. Featured Panelists:

      • Greg Tunney, CEO, RG Barry
      • Ray Noe, Professor of Management and Human Resources at The Fisher College of Business
      • Nancy Abbott, Leader Organization and Staffing, GE Capital
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